Press Clipping
On the Way: California WorldFest

"OPEN EARS AND MINDS": What is the purpose of a gathering built along the themes of music, and art-making, and yoga, and outdoor appreciation, and a general flow of festive spirit? There is no one purpose, of course -- everyone can and should find what they need from such a weekend -- but the annual California WorldFest in Grass Valley does look to "open ears and minds" during its tune-filled, family-nice, nature-set spectacular. It's a spectacular that's been around for two decades now, but its "kick back or get amped" approach springs from a long line of bohemian-lovely, global-minded, be-yourself celebrations. You can see for yourself when the music-plus-plus-plus party returns for four days of tree-close, sun-dappled merriment, which'll happen in 2016 right plunk in the middle of the summer season.

THOSE DATES ARE...July 14 through 17, which are a bit more specific, yes, than "right plunk in the middle of the summer season" (but surely you understood we were referring to mid-July). Boz Scaggs is a headliner, and Banana Slug String Band, Mariachi Flor de Toloache, Southern California Aztec Dancers, Dead Winter Carpenters, and several other artists will raise their instruments, their arms, and the general vibrations straight from the stages. Make time for the...

GLOBAL INDIGENOUS VILLAGE, and the Global Lounge, and the spots around the Nevada County Fairgrounds that'll be devoted to delving into the songs and stories from lands on the other side of the earth (and a bit closer, too). Family music/dance workshops, over 50 of 'em, are also part of the long weekend, and shopping for goods made at points near and far is also something that's open to attendees.

BUT ARE YOU OPEN... to the opening of ears and minds? California WorldFest is dedicated to the good-of-heart, compassionate-of-outlook policy. And, of course, to several days of sweet songery, all in the pretty setting of Northern Gold Country.